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Setlist del Corazón Gitano Tour!

1- Liberty Walk 2- My Heart Beats For Love 3- Stay 4- Every Rose Has Its Thorn 5- Who Owns My Heart 6- Permanent December 7- Two More Lonely People 8- Can’t Be Tamed 9- See You Again 10- The Climb 11- Full Circle 12- Take Me Along 13- 7 Things 14- Spotlight 15- Party in the USA 16- Morning Sun 17- Before The Storm 18- Robot 19- When I Look At You 20- Fly On The Wall 21- Time Of Our Lives 22- Nueva Música 23- Goodbye 24- Breakout 25- Scars 26- Simple Song 27- Girls Night Out 28- Kicking And Screaming

Demo "Breathe On Me"

El Twitter de @MileyInformer ha sacado un demo que supuestamente sera una nueva cancion de Miley, la cancion se llama “Breathe On Me” probablemente sera una produccion de Rock Mafia y de acuerdo a @MileyInformer miley no ha grabado aun la cancion. Aqui les dejamos una previa de la cancion